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Our Values

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Our Values

Here at Boombox Blenheim we believe our values are the foundations of everything we do. They are unique to us as a community. They define us as owners, coaches, Bomb Squad members and individuals. They guide us in our decision making and behaviours - which in turn creates our awesome community.


We display courage, we take chances and give new things ago. We have the courage to improve personally and as an athlete. When we take risks we achieve great things. We are open to new ideas and willing to grow. We are not afraid of failure - we learn from failure and rise again stronger.


We care about our community and each other. Our coaches care about you achieving your goals and experiencing success in a safe environment. Our Bomb Squad care about each other. You are accepted for who you are, then challenged to improve. We create a welcoming environment for you regardless of your background, beliefs or fitness level. We care about our environment and offer you quality equipment. Showing care towards one another makes for a superior training environment.


We are committed to you. To offering you quality surroundings and an effective training program to create progress for all our members. We make the commitment to you seeing results. Our Bomb Squad commit to their training and understand that, 'Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.' Abraham Lincoln.