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why choose boombox blenheim

Boombox Blenheim is a whanau; a community; a belonging - where members, everyday heroes meet. We know we have the ability to provide our community with the best hour of their day. We are excited to train together, to celebrate achievement, to survive workouts and to set goals.


Our heroes - our 'Bomb Squad' all train together. A diverse mixture which only adds to it's strength. New parents, business executives, teenagers, grandparents, athletes, beginners, etc all showing COURAGE, CARE and COMMITMENT. 

'The needs of Olympic Athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.'

Greg Glassman Founder of CrossFit

What are your goals? Is it to get fit for the summer? Pick up your grandchildren? Compete in CrossFit events? Our goals are to help you achieve these.

We track your goals together to keep accountability. Our programming is designed with you in mind. We make subtle yet important individual changes to each workout to allow us to create the ideal training day for you. Our small class sizes allow plenty of individual instruction. 

Your Bomb Squad will be as excited about you achieving your goals as you are. They will spur you on!!

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The Bomb Squad our awesome members of the Boombox who workout together and support each other. New members are always welcome!

Squad leader - Brayden Green

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My health and fitness journey began in 2009. I trialled for my schools 1st XV Rugby team but did not make the cut. I was told I was good but lacked size and would be bowled over up against the bigger teams. Hearing this I joined the 2nd XV Rugby team and joined up at a gym. This really helped increase my size as well as my overall fitness. Half way through the season I was called in to the 1st XV due to injuries in the team and the year after, 2010, I made starting line up for the team. Ever since this event I never left the gym and absolutely loved the environment.

In 2011 I made the transition to a vegan lifestyle and come March 2013, I had made a transition to bodybuilding training, I set myself a goal to compete within a years’ time. Coming back to NZ I lined up the Christchurch Grand Prix to be the bodybuilding competition to aim for. Come May 17th 2014 I competed in the juniors category placing 3rd.

Coming 3rd had qualified me for nationals and that was my next goal to come back even better than last time, which I did. On October 11th I came 2nd in the juniors at WFF Nationals, this was a huge accomplishment for me. Through bodybuilding I really hoped to show others that we can still thrive on a Vegan lifestyle, build muscle and still feel and look good and I believe I achieved that.

Through my bodybuilding I had heard all about this CrossFit craze but had never really investigated it until after the bodybuilding season was over. In November 2014 I found my local CrossFit box and gave it a go. That is when my current CrossFit journey all started and began progressing quite quickly with learning the movements, becoming faster, stronger and building my conditioning.

I did my first local WODmate competition come February 2015 and placed 1st. This was a big confidence booster for me. Being a part of the Evolved Generation Plant Based Athlete Team, we were invited to compete alongside the Plantbuilt team in Austin, Texas at the Naturally Fit Games convention. Following this I also competed twice in the Team NZ CrossFit Nationals. 

Since nationals, I have competed in all sorts of CrossFit competitions around the country and have been driven, not only in my personal fitness growth but also found my passion for coaching. My passion – to help people break through their barriers and realise they’re capable of so much more.

After a few years of holding my CrossFit level one certification I recently achieved a New Zealand Apprenticeship as a multi-skilled exercise instructor and have recently travelled to Auckland to complete my CrossFit level 2 certification, currently the only trainer in Blenheim with this high-level qualification.

The National Senior Weightlifting Championships took place in Auckland over the first weekend of November 2019. I was the only member from Olympic Weightlifting Blenheim to compete in the National Championships, competing in the Senior 96 kilo men’s competition. I placed 3rd overall, receiving a bronze medal for my combined final weight of 276kg completing 5 out of 6 lifts with a 119kg Snatch and a 157kg Clean and Jerk.

Following the Weightlifting nationals, I passed the OWNZ Technical Official theory exam, and am now a Category 4 Club Technical Official.  

I have worked with members as young as 10 and people right up into their 70’s to help them with their fitness and lifestyle changes. In 2020, I will have been vegan for 10 years, passionate for the lifestyle and looking forward to the opening of Boombox Blenheim, creating an awesome community of people who share similar values – Courage, Care and Commitment.

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